A Wonderful Day – Alter Chrissy

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, i am we

We had such a wonderful day! It started with Christopher cooking us scrambled eggs and sausage. That made Alters SHE and Tristan happy. Then I got to work on pictures for the children’s book that Tristan and I are writing. (Thank you Mimi for the idea) Then I went and did my kicks. It was 80* and just a few clouds. Alter Cyndi got to play and spin around on the float too. Then Christine (Cita) got to float in the pool. Cita loves to soak in the sun. After, I colored another picture for the book. Alter SHE got to puzzle for a bit. Our friend Emma stopped by and then Alter Q got to bead, bead, bead. Q is working on special projects for Christmas gifts. The only thing that could have made this day better, was to have had all our friends and family here…

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