Alter Chrissy a tad Cranky – By Christine

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For those of you who have read our book, followed our blog and or who actually spend time with us, you’ll know what a fun loving and kind hearted person Alter Chrissy is. She rarely is frustrated or crabby. It happens, but not often. When it occurred this time, she accidentally video taped part of her small tantrum. Here’s the back story. We were at a lake and Chrissy wanted to video two male ducks and one female duck waddling toward the lake. She thought it would be cute to watch them get in the water. Well recently Christopher and I got new phones. I didn’t have mine with us so she borrowed Christopher’s. By the time she figured out how to use it and get the video working, the ducks had walked across the park and got in the water. She not only didn’t video tape it, she missed watching them because she was messing with the phone. In the video you’ll here a short but distinct frustrated Chrissy. I just thought it was adorable.

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