Alter Chrissy: Hello Goodbye

Christine: Hi there, I found this note Alter Chrissy wrote sometime today. I asked her before she went to sleep if I could share it on the blog. She said yes. I will be writing it exactly how she wrote it, typo’s and all.  Family reference: Chuck is my older brother, and Cyndi is her younger sister who is an alternate personality too.

NOTE From Chrissy:

today I said good bye to chuck who i love so much. i hurt in my heart sooo much right now that it took away the happy i had that he was here. i had to work really really hard to help cyndi not cry all day that he was gone. i guess it wuld have been fine to have her cry and just be sad but its hard to here [hear] her crying in our head all day. at leest it helped me not think of chuck now gone.

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