Alter Chrissy: My Friend Kaitlynn

multiple personalities, alternate personalities, dissociative identity disorder

In the other day we went to see Christine and Christopher’s friend Dennis and LaurieAnn. LaurieAnn¬† has DID/MPD and one of her Alters is named Kaitlynn and she is my friend. If you want to read about our play date I wrote about that on the blog entry 5/18/15. Christine is typing this for me, because it is past my sleep time and I am tired. What I was saying is that we got to see Dennis and LaurieAnn when Dennis was singing at a talent show. It was fun to see them and when it was all over I got to say hi to Kaitlynn. We might get to go to the lake and swim with them one night after Christopher gets off work in the next week. Below is a picture that Kaitlynn drew for me and gave to me the other night. I think it is beautiful.

Multiple Personalities Kaitlyn

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