Alter Chrissy: Play Date

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Finally I got to see my friend Kaitlynn. It has been soooooo long.

Kaitlynn is one of over 100 Alters that share Laurie Ann’s life. I had missed my friend and after the adults got to visit and we had dinner Kaitlynn got to come out and we worked on an art project together. We didn’t get to finish it, but I’ll save it until we see each other again and then we can work on it more. We also got to meet two other Alters who were new to us. Below is a picture of little Laurie who is 4 years old and that is the same age as Kaitlynn. She is wearing Cyndi’s princess hat.

The other Alter was I think twelve years old and he was a boy and his name was S-O-B. I didnt know that was letters for a bad word but it is. He isnt allowed to say his name so he just uses the first letters. He acted like he thought it was cool to have bad words as a name. Heloves chocolate and reeses penut butter cups. He can sometimes be mean but was nice for the short time he was out. Kaitlynn in going to have a princess birthday party in early April and Cyndi and I get to go. It was so nice to be with my friend. It was a fun night and it is not even 9:00 in the pm and Christopher is asleep on the couch!

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  1. Lisa Utter says:

    Posts like this help illuminate how you live your life.

  2. Christine Pattillo says:

    Thank you Lisa, for following our blog and for all your support. Christine

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