Alter Chrissy: With MPD/DID You Have Two Bodies

Hi this is Chrissy. Today I am having Alter Tristan type for me because our body is tired from Alter Q’s beading sooooooo much the last many days. I told Christopher, who is Christine’s husband and who I think of as a Dad, that sometimes after I have been out helping Q bead or drawing or doing anything and then I shift back inside I laugh at being two different sizes. When I am out using Christine’s body I am still only 6 years old-ish, but using Christine’s almost five-zero body. [Five-zero =50, Chrissy just says it as five-zero because she’s still working on learning her numbers.] Christine’s body is large. Her feet are way bigger than mine on the inside. I have long hair and her’s is right on her shoulders. Sometimes I will flick back my ponytails and laugh because I am external and Christine doesn’t have ponytails. You know when you get your hair cut, but sometimes you still feel like your hair is longer? Also, after I have been out and I go back in I laugh at how small my hands are. Outside when I hold Christopher’s hand, I’m using Christine’s full size hand. Inside when I hold Aunt Rim’s hand I’m using my 6 year oldish hand. External I am careful when sitting because Christine’s a bigger person and inside I can run and jump on top of Tristan and he barely grunts. And then there is also Cita’s [Christine’s] breasts, which catch food when you miss your mouth and you don’t want to jump too much cause they bounce and it hurts. I can barely see Christine’s feet when I look straight down and internally there is not one thing that blocks my view to my toes. I am not complaining just wanted to tell you some funny things of how it is being an alternate personality. If I did complain it would be not getting to wear all the fun kids clothes ’cause they don’t make them that big much. Bye for now.

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