Alter Chrissy’s short stories 2 – Alter SHE

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Hey it’s Alter SHE again. Here is the 2nd short story Chrissy wrote based on artist Jessie Link’s stickers. See prior entry for short story 1.


Party Animals

Reggie was so relieved that he made the journey to his friend’s village in time for the birthday celebration.

Reggie looked around at the animals gathered and saw so many friends he loved, but did not see his traveling companion Rudy the rabbit. They had left their homes at the same time, but Rudy raced on ahead. Reggie was certain Rudy would have arrived before him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After waiting some time for Rudy, the party started without him.

They woke Calie, the cougar from her nap and then began the games.

First came ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. (The donkey, of course was made out of wood.) They spun Mick the tiger in circles. Mick roared as he tried to find his balance after spinning so much.

After the games, Nelson the lion treated them to a booming round of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!”

Just as Nelson finished the last verse there was a startled cry from Vernon the fox. Rudy the rabbit had finally arrived. Rudy had raced through the shrubbery, startling Vernon and causing him to fall.

Rudy, out of breathe, expressed his surprise to find his friend Reggie had beat him to the village and even more that the party was already started.

Overall the birthday party was filled with fun and laughter. The next morning, Reggie and Rudy began their trek back home. They walked together as Rudy shared his tale of why he had been so late to the party.

It may be you’d like to know the reason yourself, but for that you’d need to read a different story. It was written a long time ago and it’s called The Tortoise and the Hare, by Aesop.

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