Alter Chrissy’s Short Stories 1 – Alter SHE

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamwe

Hey it’s Alter SHE. I wanted to share two short stories that Alter Chrissy wrote. Here’s some back story. Every year Christine’s Mom (Sharon), some friends and all of us go to the Anacortes street Fair. Anacortes is a small town off the Puget Sound about an hour drive from our home. Each year Sharon buys the girls a little something. When we were there last August, Sharon bought Chrissy some stickers that were created from artwork by Jesse Link. She loves how unique and imaginative his artwork is.

Another side bar- Alter Chrissy makes calendars every year for family and friends. Each month of each calendar is  a piece of artwork by Chrissy or Alter Cyndi. With the stickers Chrissy got from Sharon, she created 2 short stories based off the stickers. The first one is below. I’ll post the 2nd story tomorrow.  I love how Chrissy’s mind works.



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