Alter Cyndi Trick or Treats – Alter SHE

multiple personalities, iamWE, dissociative identity disorder

Quite a few years ago, Alter Chrissy got to go trick or treating. We had offered many times, but Chrissy wasn’t interested. It’s the being around other kids her age and not fitting in issue. Chrissy was glad to have done it once but wasn’t interested in it otherwise. “My Mimi always sends us a spooky fun card and Grandma Smiley gives us a bag of goodies. I never feel like I’m missing out.” Chrissy.   [Mimi=is our step-mom and Grandma Smiley is Sharon, Christine’s Mom. Well our Mom]

Alter Cyndi never paid it any mind, until this year. Cyndi wanted to trick or treat, so Cita (Christine) got her a costume and prearranged with family and friends to be home last Saturday and Cyndi got to trick or treat. Why not on Halloween you might ask? Christopher works that night and we wanted him to be able to participate.

Here are some pics. Cyndi is Stitch from the movie Lilo & Stitch

Cyndi had a blast!

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