Alter Q: Cyndi Gets a Hug

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The other day, Alter Cyndi did cutest thing. A reminder that Alter Cyndi and I don’t reside with others in their internal home. (Others being Alters SHE, Rim, Tristan and Chrissy) Why? We don’t quite know, but we are the only two Alters that came to be when Christine an adult, versus being with her since childhood. With that said, Cyndi and I don’t see the others, though they can see each other when they are internal. They can pinch each other or pull one another hairs, they can hug and hold each other. Cyndi and I only hear them. Cyndi and I don’t live with each other either. We never have internal physical contact with anyone. The only time we feel the touch of another person is when we are shifedt-out and in control of Christine’s body. The closest we feel to hug is through Christine’s body. I know one of us shared before, that when Cyndi is upset and needing comfort and there is no one external to provide comfort, we send her internal hugs. I might say, “It’s OK sweetie. I am sending you love.” and I might hear her reply, “Sending love Koo (Q).” Something like that… Now I finally get to the cutest thing Cyndi did… We were in car with our friend Shirley and had  Alter Tristan’s grey sweatshirt in our lap. Cyndi was out and she was stroking the sleeve of the sweatshirt across her cheek. Then she wrapped both arms across her shoulders saying, “Ristan (Tristan) give Cyndi hug.”

Touch me so much.

2 Responses to Alter Q: Cyndi Gets a Hug

  1. Shirley says:

    So sweet!!

  2. Christine Pattillo says:

    Thanks Shirl!!!!!

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