Alter Q: Dream Board

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Hi it is Alter Q. In the middle of Christine’s struggle with depression and our sinus infection, I was able to attend a fun evening at the GroWashington Everett store. Jean Simpson is an exec of Gro and she held a dream boarding class. There is a purpose to dream boarding, taking your wants/goals and putting them on a board where your subconscious can help you focus on your path. After some conversation with Christine and the Gang, it was decided that I would do the board as just Q. We were supplied with magazines, a board, glue and scissors. I cut out sayings and pictures that represented what I wanted in my life. For me I put realistic goals. I mean I didn’t put a husband and kids, “Getting laid” — that was written by Alter Tristan for me. He is so very helpful. Anyway, and more items because I wanted my board to be a genuine reflection of what my life, as an Alter, could achieve in my given circumstance. Please don’t take it that I don’t think Alters can have these things, I do, but in my family we are committed to the marriage of Christine and Christopher. In addition if anything should happen to Christopher and we do not want that to happen, I have been advised by Alter SHE that she is next in line for a relationship, so there you have it…

To explain my pictures the shoe tread represents movement, progression and activities. Smiley face for happiness. Beach, river cruises, ocean views and tropical paradises for travel and exploration. Success from home: be it through the book, blog, my beaded items and even speaking events. Breaking Barriers as an advocate for D.I.D. I love my family: well I do! Goodbye Sugar- hello to a healthier body. The lower left corner is a little outdoor room and it just looks like a slice of peace and harmony. Alter Chrissy thought there should have been a heated pool on the board, but we promised she could make her own board another time. There were other items on the board, but they were pretty self explanatory: #1 Best Sellers, Laughter happiness and love, A chance to live longer, play…  Even though I wasn’t feeling a 100% it was a fun, relaxing evening and I was glad we could participate.

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