Alter Q: External Relationships

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Today we spent day at Grow Washington, Everett store. We have been sharing store duties with lovely woman who does beautiful glass and gem work. She lives on huge tug-boat!!! She spent much time showing me wire wrapping. It was fun to be learning and creating something new. Her gran-daughter, age 6, came with her. Alter Chrissy had brought a picture she had drawn for our friend, with the name of her tug-boat, in fancy lettering that Chrissy has been practicing. When we made time for Chrissy and grand-daughter to color it didn’t go fun like thought it would. The young girl wasn’t getting the D.I.D thing, and that’s OK. It’s not easy concept. Then she wanted draw exactly what Chrissy drew and to use Chrissy’s good pens. Chrissy was patient, saying no to good pens, but let her use some of her other colors. Then when picture wasn’t exactly like one Chrissy drew, the girl started to cry and wanted to start all over. At this point we took lunch break. Chrissy talked with Christopher, who delivered lunch for us all, and said, “I don’t want to help her color anymore. And!!!! I don’t want her to draw my picture. She can draw her own picture and if she is going to quit then I won’t help her anymore.” Christopher and I told Chrissy that we understood and that we knew it was hard to be patient with others. That it was an honor the little girl wanted to try and draw Chrissy’s picture, because that meant it was really really good. Chrissy wasn’t charmed by our comments and stayed internal for a few hours. It was good for her to have timeout. In the end the grand-daughter began to work on her own pictures and artwork… and all well in the world.

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