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I have really been bouncing thoughts around regarding staying with GroWashington. For those not know about Gro, here is website

It is wonderful organization that I selling my bead items for years. They took me under wings, learned of Christine and Gang and opened their hearst even more by allowing a safe place for us all to Grow our businesses. For new entrepreneurs I recommend them highly.

What I am experiencing now is lack of time to keep up business for Gro’s three stores, Wild Birds- a nature gift store near our home, facebook and speaking engagements and NAMI. Part of Grow agreement for us is work two days month at store. Seems like not much, but with us not driving and all the product, rotation, inventory, special events, monthly meetings and add my business to the tax headache Christine is experiencing with her LLC (Limited Liability Company) I’m wondering if this might be last year.

Not first time I thought of this. 2015 brought many conversations regarding this very topic between Christine and I. It was too painful for me and Christine would always say, “You’ll know when it right time Q. No need make decision right now.” I was grateful for her patience. Now when I bring it up, not so painful and thinking it is getting closer and closer.

A friends daughter is going to help me with Etsy and Instagram. She is going to post, monitor, etc… I just need to make and give her description. Gonna to stick with bead people only on these two forums as easier on Christine’s hands. We’ll see how that works and update facebook better.

That may be enough, though the newly remodeled GroWashington, in Everett, will be opening in a few months and that’s exciting to me too.

All these thoughts make my head spin.

Just breathe Q. I do not have to make decision tonight.

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