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Hi this is Alter Q. I have talked about the possibility of pulling out of GroWashington for the past year. Between Christine and I, we have gone round and round. However, this year has been particularly difficult for Christine, which adds difficulty to all of us. When I run my business, I want quick response time, follow-thru on scheduled worked days, deadlines and quick turn around on custom orders. I want to update my business facebook page weekly and rotate my stock from store to store, at least once a month. This had not been happening, since I guess, maybe last October. So last week, I pulled all my items and Christine’s book from the store and made it official. I was with Gro for over 5 years and it was sad to snip the cord. However, I do know that at least for now, I’d  be welcomed back at anytime and that I will continue to keep in-touch with many special friends that I/we have made. Still have items at Wild Birds and will still be doing custom orders.

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