Alter Q: House Guest

multiple personalities, alternate personalities, dissociative identity disorder

Hi it Q. This weekend we have friend’s 14 year old daughter (SusAnna) over. She here until Sunday morning. I think, “No big deal.” I excited to help her bead a bracelet for her and friend. But for Christine, she nervous all morning before pick her up. She wasn’t uncomfortable with SusAnna, who is sweetheart. She not going to sneak out a window or get in trouble. It more for Christine, something out of “normal” routine and increase her anxiety. Alter Chrissy also anxious. For Chrissy, she afraid she not fit in. SusAnna has six year old brother and she love Christine, me and Alter SHE especially. Not much hanging with younger sibling like does at home. For Chrissy her home a safe haven. Chrissy not want be uncomfortable whole weekend and not feel she can be out. That not case, but a new person does change dynamics of routine. It is quarter to ten right now and day is winding down. Chrissy did feel better as day went on, but still felt cautious shifting out much and that too bad. Hope tomorrow better for her. Christine did fine, though happy that SHE and I comfortable just hanging with SusAnna. I think nice day.

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