Alter Q: Mistaken Identity

Hi it Q, tonight we helped at event sponsored by Grow Washington. It was good get out, as we had not been well past few days. The event was Snohomish on the Rocks where local distilleries come together and people buy samples. Christine and I rang full bottle purchases up for vendors. During one transaction woman looked at me, Q, and said, “You look familiar.” I not recognize her, then she say, “Did you work at Premera?” I answer that I did not, but I alternate personality of Christine Pattillo who did work there. This woman looked at me like I had grown boob from forehead. She made scrunch face like she had eaten something icky and then said, “After 20 years I left Premera and went to different insurance company. It was good see you again. Bye have good night.” And with that she left. Easier pretend I not say anything and go about her life I guess. I just laugh, Christine feel icky and worry how she be accepted at next speaking event when she not know most people unlike last time.

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  1. Laura says:

    Is is frustrating being known as Christine and not your other personalities? Like when you go out in public as Q, but people mistaken you as Christine?

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