Alter SHE: Awkward

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamWE

When Christine and Christopher have a spat, it sucks. It seems that there has been a continuous tension between the two of them all year. Their marriage isn’t on the rocks, it’s just the deep deep work they are both doing as a couple and individually. However, for those of us in the cross-hairs, it sucks. We can’t go very far. We can’t shut them out or totally filter out the icky emotions that Christine emits. I’m not sharing this to get a “poor SHE” response and I don’t need to call the wambulance. It’s just a perspective that I don’t know we’ve shared about and after this evening’s snark with one another, and Alter Cyndi waking up from sleep crying that “Ita is a no no.” Meaning Cita (Christine) if feeling sad. And Alter Chrissy asking if she could sleep with me. I thought it was a good blog to write.

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