Alter SHE: Pool Time in Montana

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamWE

Ok, so this is Alter SHE. We drove, with our friend Shirley to Missoula, Montana for a get away and to see our other friend Emma, who is here for the summer. Kind of a girls outing, plus 1 (Alter Tristan, who didn’t have much of a choice.) Our hotel was “economy”, but we made sure it had a pool for Alter Chrissy. Not only is it only 55* out today, but the beautiful, gi-normous pool is not heated. I give it to Chrissy for braving the frigid waters, but I told her I would not shift out unless she was in dire straights. She got into her shoulders, a painfully slow process. Don’t be fooled by the number 4 in the picture representing 4 feet. With all the rain, the pool was to the rim and was closer to five feet where she stood. She stayed in for about 20 minutes, then retreated to a hot shower in our room. It’s suppose to be nicer tomorrow, but I doubt she’ll venture to the pool again. Bummer.


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