Alter SHE: Reader Response

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, i am WE book

On occasion we receive responses from people that have stumbled upon us through youtube. I wanted to share one that we recently received attached to Alter Tristan’s 500th Blog Entry Video. I attached the link to that video at the bottom of this entry.

I want to and perhaps even need to say Thank You much Mrs. Christine Pattillo, for your openness, honesty, in relating the condition of Dissociative Identities. Your resiliency, strength and love for others, by doing these video’s is wonderful. Please do not get discouraged and keep sharing as you feel is needed. I think personally, your videos from all of you, are delightful, educational, interesting, and you give of yourself, about yourself, your others, etc so dynamically, and most importantly while others have this condition and exhibit the condition in many different ways than yourself, you give us all love and hope. Your smile is contagious. Thank you again for being all of you, parts of you, and the whole gang, thank you one more time. Have a wonderful summer.

Published on Jul 16, 2015

For our 500th blog entry we decided that each of us would share an impact, or experience that came from publishing our book, ‘I am WE Our Lives with Multiple Personalities’ and starting our blog on over a year and 1/2 ago. This is Alter Tristan’s piece.

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