Alter SHE: This and That

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Christopher has been working mass overtime for the past two weeks and it seems that our sleep schedule is quite cattywampus. He leaves at 1:15 pm and gets home at 2:30 am. So here I sit, writing our blog at 2:22 am, because one or more of us were up with Christopher until about 4am last night. This in-turn caused us to sleep until just before Christopher left for work today. We still require 10-12 hours a sleep a night. (No Joke). Christopher, on the other hand, can work overtime, run 3 miles daily, with Max (our almost 2 year old Shepard) and do this on about 6 hours of sleep, that is interrupted with Alters Chrissy or Cyndi waking to say “hello” to him and Christine, Chrissy and Cyndi having to get up and pee throughout the night. It’s amazing to me.

Along with our wonky sleep, Christine struggling with the lack of time she gets to spend with Christopher and it’s taking a toll on her already taxed emotional state. I’d have to say that 2017 has been a tough year for Christine; physically and mentally.

Last year we were eating healthier, walking consistently and were quite active with speaking engagements. None of the above has occurred for us this year. The first two, obviously, we have more control over. (I say this as I bite into a York Peppermint Patty mini…) Well the lights are shining through the window, which means Christopher has arrived. Bye for now, SHE

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