Alter Tristan: To print or not to print?

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamWE

We are out of books. Well maybe not entirely, some family have extras and we have a case at our home, but the warehouse gotz no books. So, we’re having to figure out how to pay for more books, which good business people would have planned ahead for, but apparently we didn’t so much. 90% of our book sales are Ebooks and that’s great, but we still have people wanting the physical book and would hate to miss out on another college or medical group wanting to do a mass order. We’ve talked with other authors that go through Amazon to print their books and some that go locally and ship their own books. I’m not sure what path Christine and Christopher will decide on. I know they’ll ask us all for ideas. Since we’re out at our publishing warehouse, I say order the minimum. I think it’s 100. That will buy us time to research a different route for the next print cycle which will be more economical for us. Just thinking out loud… T-Man (Alter Tristan)

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