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INTRODUCTIONS (Permanent Entry, more recent entries below)

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

Christine Pattillo: Age 51; Author and the woman with multiple personalities. Nickname Cita.

Christopher Pattillo: Age 56; Husband of Christine. We have been married 26 years. Christopher is also called Poppy by the youngest Alter Cyndi, considered Dad by Alter Chrissy and friend by the rest of the Gang.

SHE: Alter Age 30 something. We capitalize her name to help readers distinguish between SHE, her name and she the pronoun.

Rim: Alter Age 28 Female.

Tristan: Alter Age 19-20 ish.  Tristan is the only male of the Alters.

Q: Alter Age late 20’s to early 30’s Female. Q is one of two Alters that appeared when I was an adult. Q has a speech impediment and that comes through sometimes in her writing.

Chrissy: Alter Age 8.  I will try not to edit her entries, unless I think you may not understand what she’s trying to say.

Cyndi: Alter Age 2. Cyndi is the second Alter that appeared when I was an adult. Cyndi is the only Alter I lose time with.

Hope: Beloved Alter who integrated in 2007.

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Little Eagle Whistle – Alter Chrissy

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

iamwebook, multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities

 Hi this is Chrissy and I wanted to share a Christmas gift I made for our friend Tim Bird Rattler. He was in a video we shared before playing his guitar and singing with Alter Cyndi. Tim is Native American from the Blackfeet tribe. His Indian name is Little Eagle Whistle. I colored in the eagle above, but it out and glued it to wood looking paper. Then his girl friend Emma got a frame. Alter Q ordered the whistle that is hanging from the upper right side. Q glued the feather on the left bottom and she painted to wood letters and glued them to the bottom. In Blackfeet they only have 13 letters in their alphabet. That’s how his Indian name is spelled in Blackfeet.

ii nuksiipiitaakkutsiimaan The correct spelling is how Q put it on the frame but I don’t know how to type it that way. It’s pronounced “innikai-pitakai-somon” I think it turned out beautiful! Thank you for letting me share.

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Living Full Out – Nancy Solari – Christine

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

living full out, i am we book, iamwebook, multiple personalities

Previously We had been invited to be interviewed by a woman named Nancy Solari who does an inspiration pod cast called, Living Full Out. On our scheduled day they had new equipment malfunctions and we had to post pone. Yesterday Nancy called to say that they had a last minute cancellation and wanted to know if we might be available and we were. To hear the broadcast you’ll need to do a search for Nancy and or the show. Below is the afterword testimonial we have sent to Nancy:

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Beautiful Cray Cray- Christine

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

iamwebook, Timothy Bird Rattler, multiple personalities

Wanted to share this video. Our friend Tim Bird Rattler surprised Alter Cyndi by playing her favorite song, Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs. I think Alter SHE has blogged about this before, but here’s a little history. Until this past year, we (Christopher, The Gang and I) had never heard this song. We don’t often listen to Country Music, but Alter Cyndi loves it. When the song comes on Cyndi will sing it and knows most of the words. Not sure how that occurred, but the video is very sweet. Thank you Timmy-Poo

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Beads by Q – Alter Q

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

beads by q, i am we book, D.I.D, M.P.D

I have begun to draw pictures with beads. I cant draw at all. Mostly have Alter Chrissy draw for me, but I can see a picture and recreate with beads. In prior entry shared my Salmon Bay plaque I did. Recently I did a special project for Christine’s brother and his girlfriend. Hmmmm.. I guess he is my brother too? I always thought of him as family, but never put together he is brother. Silly Me. Back to point. Both Chuck and Jackie are from Pacific NW and big Seahawk fans. They live in Arizona now. This is the gift I made them for their birthdays. Hope you can make big and see the details. Have so much fun with this type of beading.


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Alter Cyndi Trick or Treats – Alter SHE

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

multiple personalities, iamWE, dissociative identity disorder

Quite a few years ago, Alter Chrissy got to go trick or treating. We had offered many times, but Chrissy wasn’t interested. It’s the being around other kids her age and not fitting in issue. Chrissy was glad to have done it once but wasn’t interested in it otherwise. “My Mimi always sends us a spooky fun card and Grandma Smiley gives us a bag of goodies. I never feel like I’m missing out.” Chrissy.   [Mimi=is our step-mom and Grandma Smiley is Sharon, Christine’s Mom. Well our Mom]

Alter Cyndi never paid it any mind, until this year. Cyndi wanted to trick or treat, so Cita (Christine) got her a costume and prearranged with family and friends to be home last Saturday and Cyndi got to trick or treat. Why not on Halloween you might ask? Christopher works that night and we wanted him to be able to participate.

Here are some pics. Cyndi is Stitch from the movie Lilo & Stitch

Cyndi had a blast!

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Alter Chrissy’s short stories 2 – Alter SHE

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamwe, jessie link

Hey it’s Alter SHE again. Here is the 2nd short story Chrissy wrote based on artist Jessie Link’s stickers. See prior entry for short story 1.


Party Animals

Reggie was so relieved that he made the journey to his friend’s village in time for the birthday celebration.

Reggie looked around at the animals gathered and saw so many friends he loved, but did not see his traveling companion Rudy the rabbit. They had left their homes at the same time, but Rudy raced on ahead. Reggie was certain Rudy would have arrived before him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After waiting some time for Rudy, the party started without him.

They woke Calie, the cougar from her nap and then began the games.

First came ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. (The donkey, of course was made out of wood.) They spun Mick the tiger in circles. Mick roared as he tried to find his balance after spinning so much.

After the games, Nelson the lion treated them to a booming round of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!”

Just as Nelson finished the last verse there was a startled cry from Vernon the fox. Rudy the rabbit had finally arrived. Rudy had raced through the shrubbery, startling Vernon and causing him to fall.

Rudy, out of breathe, expressed his surprise to find his friend Reggie had beat him to the village and even more that the party was already started.

Overall the birthday party was filled with fun and laughter. The next morning, Reggie and Rudy began their trek back home. They walked together as Rudy shared his tale of why he had been so late to the party.

It may be you’d like to know the reason yourself, but for that you’d need to read a different story. It was written a long time ago and it’s called The Tortoise and the Hare, by Aesop.

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