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Alter Chrissy’s short stories 2 – Alter SHE

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamwe, jessie link

Hey it’s Alter SHE again. Here is the 2nd short story Chrissy wrote based on artist Jessie Link’s stickers. See prior entry for short story 1.


Party Animals

Reggie was so relieved that he made the journey to his friend’s village in time for the birthday celebration.

Reggie looked around at the animals gathered and saw so many friends he loved, but did not see his traveling companion Rudy the rabbit. They had left their homes at the same time, but Rudy raced on ahead. Reggie was certain Rudy would have arrived before him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After waiting some time for Rudy, the party started without him.

They woke Calie, the cougar from her nap and then began the games.

First came ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. (The donkey, of course was made out of wood.) They spun Mick the tiger in circles. Mick roared as he tried to find his balance after spinning so much.

After the games, Nelson the lion treated them to a booming round of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!”

Just as Nelson finished the last verse there was a startled cry from Vernon the fox. Rudy the rabbit had finally arrived. Rudy had raced through the shrubbery, startling Vernon and causing him to fall.

Rudy, out of breathe, expressed his surprise to find his friend Reggie had beat him to the village and even more that the party was already started.

Overall the birthday party was filled with fun and laughter. The next morning, Reggie and Rudy began their trek back home. They walked together as Rudy shared his tale of why he had been so late to the party.

It may be you’d like to know the reason yourself, but for that you’d need to read a different story. It was written a long time ago and it’s called The Tortoise and the Hare, by Aesop.

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Alter Chrissy’s Short Stories 1 – Alter SHE

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamwe

Hey it’s Alter SHE. I wanted to share two short stories that Alter Chrissy wrote. Here’s some back story. Every year Christine’s Mom (Sharon), some friends and all of us go to the Anacortes street Fair. Anacortes is a small town off the Puget Sound about an hour drive from our home. Each year Sharon buys the girls a little something. When we were there last August, Sharon bought Chrissy some stickers that were created from artwork by Jesse Link. She loves how unique and imaginative his artwork is.

Another side bar- Alter Chrissy makes calendars every year for family and friends. Each month of each calendar is  a piece of artwork by Chrissy or Alter Cyndi. With the stickers Chrissy got from Sharon, she created 2 short stories based off the stickers. The first one is below. I’ll post the 2nd story tomorrow.  I love how Chrissy’s mind works.



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“She’s only 8 years old” – Alter SHE

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, iamWE

As many of you know, Alter Chrissy is our little fashionista. She is quick to tell Cita (Christine) when what she’s wearing doesn’t match or if it  isn’t acceptable to be worn in public. Most times Cita let’s Chrissy “decorate us”, but there have been times when Cita puts her foot down and wears her tacky attire regardless of what Chrissy says.

This leads me to tonight’s blog:

A few days ago our friend, Emma, was sorting out her makeup. She had a towel laid out and her makeup tote dumped over. Some items she tossed, others she kept and then some she offered to Chrissy who was thrilled. Now keep in mind that Cita rarely ever wears make-up. She could have a tube of mascara and it would last her 10 years or more. Cita will let Chrissy fuss a bit from time to time, but that’s it.

Emma was just getting to the last few items when she asked, “Chrissy would you wear bright red lipstick?” Chrissy replied, “Yes, but Cita would kill me.” Emma responded, “Why? You’d look super cute.” and Chrissy answered, “Yes I know.” This is when Cita chimed in, “HELLLLO! She’s only 8 years old!” With Emma stating, “Yes, but when she’s shifted out she’s in an adult body.” With Cita’s final answer being, “8 years old!” and that was the end of the red lipstick debate….

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Beautiful Fall Colors – Christine

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

iamwebook, multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder

Wanted to share this pic of Alter Chrissy and Max. We took this on our walk today and was in awe of our neighbors flaming red bush! The fall colors are so gorgeous.

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Alter Cyndi loving Legos – Christine

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

iamwebook, d.i.d, m.p.d

Christoper’s great niece, Katie, gave Alter Cyndi her first Legos. None of the Gang was interested in Legos so we just never had them around. The kit was for age 7-12, much older than Cyndi, but Alter Chrissy, Alter Tristan and Christopher helped her. Some of the pieces were too tiny for Cyndi to maneuver with my hands., but the group effort was a success. As you can see from the video, Cyndi had an absolute blast. Now everything is “Yndi NEEEEED Legos.”

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Alter Chrissy a tad Cranky – By Christine

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

i am we book, m.p.d, d.i.d

For those of you who have read our book, followed our blog and or who actually spend time with us, you’ll know what a fun loving and kind hearted person Alter Chrissy is. She rarely is frustrated or crabby. It happens, but not often. When it occurred this time, she accidentally video taped part of her small tantrum. Here’s the back story. We were at a lake and Chrissy wanted to video two male ducks and one female duck waddling toward the lake. She thought it would be cute to watch them get in the water. Well recently Christopher and I got new phones. I didn’t have mine with us so she borrowed Christopher’s. By the time she figured out how to use it and get the video working, the ducks had walked across the park and got in the water. She not only didn’t video tape it, she missed watching them because she was messing with the phone. In the video you’ll here a short but distinct frustrated Chrissy. I just thought it was adorable.

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Washington State Fair- Alter Chrissy

Posted on by Christine Pattillo

washington state fair, mpd, did, i am we

Hi it is Chrissy and we had so much fun at the fair over the weekend. It was storming and raining the days and nights before and after, but no yucky weather the whole time we were there. Alter Cyndi and I loved all the animals. A nice lady let me come in and pet her mini horse. It wasnt a shetlon pony, but the sweetest tiny pony. I put the picture down below because it was blurry but you will get a pretty good idea. Christopher won Cyndi a turquoise “Papappi” which means Alpaca by hitting two balloons with darts and the lady at the emoji poo hat display let us try on a princess pony poo to take a picture. The wheel chair is just so that Cyndi can come out at the fair. She doesn’t walk so well in Christine’s body.

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