Christine: Alter Q

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Today was a non-stop, morning to evening, preparation for a yard sale we are having with my Mom at our house. There was not much planning in pulling this together, but with the help of our friend Vincent, Hubby Christopher, her Hubby Don and the Gang we managed to pull it together. Though there are still signs to post in the morning and misc. items to price……

While we were setting out yard sale items Alter Q made this comment, “I wonder what I would get if I just decided to sell all my beads?” I shifted-in and let Alter SHE take over working on the yard sale and started talking with Q. Just an FYI we can hear Q, but none of us see her. Why? We don’t know. I said, “Hey Girl. What’s going on? Why are you wanting to sell your beads.” At first her answer was something like, “Well I have so many and I’m sure I could bag up a large amount of beads I don’t use or have duplicates of and make a buck or two to spend at Shipwreck Beads.” And then she burst into tears. “Q, what’s wrong? Talk to me.” Still sobbing Q replied, “I rarely get to work my business. I have bead people I made a month ago that I haven’t even put out at the Grow Washington stores to sell.” The last bracelet I made was for a friend and I’m certain it’s been over 3 months since I rotated any stock at Grow Washington or Wild Birds. I understand what we are doing, getting ready for convention, is big big deal, but there is no time left for anything else. When I look at my work station I just see a mess and more work than your body has any energy to provide to me.”

I didn’t know how to answer, because everything she said was true. How do we balance all that we have taken on?

Her final words, “Do you think I will fade [integrate] if I stop beading?” Then we were both crying….

We obviously have a lot more to talk about and work through.

4 Responses to Christine: Alter Q

  1. Kim Causey says:

    I often talk about maintaining balance. In your case maintaining balance is Paramont and difficult. What I would try doing is setting aside for each person, an hour of the day at least once a week. Sure there will be times when someone else will be prioritized but, at least everyone has some time.

    I believe beading is essential for your overall being. You have lots of friends that are willing to help you. And all your friends at Grow love you.

  2. Christine Pattillo says:

    Thank you so much for caring and sharing. It means so much to me. Q

  3. arlene phillips says:

    glad you shared that Christine.
    yes, continue your bead people. they give so much joy to all.
    Arlene Phillips
    former vendor at Grow.

  4. Christine Pattillo says:

    Thank you Arlene! Love Q

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