Christine: Alter Q’s early Bday Gathering

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Alter Q’s birthday is 2/4. Q and Cyndi are the only two Alters that fractured off when I was an adult so we know their “birth dates”. The rest of us share my birthday on 4/24. This year Superbowl falls on 2/5 which puts a cramp on that weekend for any b-day celebrations for Q. What Q really wanted was a trip to Shipwreck Beads, the largest bead store in the world and about 1.5 hour drive south from our house. We arranged transport for about 10 people and Christopher and Vincent drove us all to Olympia, where we met up with 4 more people and had lunch, then went to the bead store.

That’s Q above and our dear friend Tracy in the pink.

Q had decided to make herself a necklace filled with beads that her friends picked out and some that she picked out for friends she hadn’t reached. For example, last year our friend Vicky in Georgia sent her some bat beads and she is using one of those to represent her. A mermaid for our friend Deb we haven’t seen in some time. Here is a list of some more of the beads selected: Boxing gloves, a light blue Volkswagen bug, a goat, a rainbow, several different colors of crystals, a druzy, anchor, crown, a fairy, skulls, ladybug, sewing machine, knitting, Czech star, turtle, elephant, Buddha, yin and yang, peace, rubber ducky (in honor of our friends Flic, Lexie and Crew) and on it goes. When we got home, Q immediately went to work organizing the design of the necklace and hope’s to have it finished by the end of the week. We’ll share pictures of her creation, of course, once it’s completed. There was no way to include everyone on our plans and on the beads, but if you want to be represented please send her a bead and she’ll add it to her “Love Chain”.

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