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Egyptian Pharaoh

So we were taking a time-out on some benches, near The Mummy exhibition at Universal Studios, California. It was just Emma, I and the Gang, when this beautiful man on stilts came sauntering toward us. Along the way he was scowling and shewing people to leave him be. (All in role playing.) Alter Q shifted-out and when he made eye contact with her, he again pointed for her to leave. Low and behold Q shook her head no and curled her finger for him to come to her! He did, taking her hand as if to kiss it, but instead stole my moonstone ring and walking away. He did eventually return the ring, but Q and Emma were all a twitter and could have cared-a-less about my ring! It was hysterical!

Let me add that we did not take the above picture, but Alter SHE found it online. Q’s encounter with this Egyptian Pharaoh happened so quickly that we didn’t think to take pictures.

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