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I like this picture for many reasons, one being that it’s cockeyed which matches my mood and state of being. 2ndly I can knowingly look at the left side of the picture and see where I cropped two inches of my buttocks off to make me look better. And 3rdly it reminds me of an evening spent with my Mom, her hubby Donald, my hubby Christopher and the Gang. It was a pre-Father’s Day get together. We had a yummy dinner and then gambled on the machines for a couple hours. I stick with $20, which is above our budget limit, but did it anyway. Then Mom donated $20 for us to play longer. Then we just watched the games, watched the people. Christopher asked us to play an additional $20. He got Alter Tristan set-up on a game called Lobstermania. It was a hoot. Soon, Tristan was up $20, $30, $50! He had bonuses that let all of the Gang spin wheels and pick buoys for special bonuses. When he was done he was able to pay back Mom, Christopher, us our original $20 and we still walked away $20 ahead. That’s our idea of gambling. We never spend big bucks and rarely expect to walk away ahead. It was a fun night and Alter Chrissy gets a big kick out of getting to push buttons and tap on screens. She thinks it’s fun that she gets to be where other kids her age aren’t allowed. Alter Cyndi slept through it mostly, which is just fine too.

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