Christine: Laguna Beach

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Another lovely day in California. We saw our dear friend Emma off, back to Seattle this morning. It was sad to say goodbye, but at least we know we’ll see her again soon, since she lives just a few miles away from us. From the airport we headed over to Laguna Beach, which was stunning. IT was a quaint little cove and kind of a artsy town.


Though we all enjoyed ourselves we had a rude interaction with someone that I wanted to share. It was during our stroll down the boardwalk; maybe a half mile of wood decking. People were all around having birthday parties, memorials, doing yoga, walking their dogs, etc. Near the end of the walkway was a deeply tanned, older gentleman, in his bare feet, with a button down shirt open exposing a tanned large belly. He wasn’t very tall, but was making huge bubbles with a special wand. When we arrived they had just drifted out across the beach. Alter Cyndi was so excited and cried out, “More please. More bubbles please.” The man turned and abruptly said, “If you want more you can go to the store right there and buy one.” With that he sat down on a bench and began to read. Well we of course turned around and headed back the other way. After a few moments passed, Cyndi said to Christopher, “Indy a no no Poppy?” Meaning did she do something wrong? Christopher and Alter Q were quick to tell her absolutely not;  the man was just being ornery. Christopher had said that he was certain if the man knew the circumstances he wouldn’t have been so abrupt. Q however, wasn’t so sure. He only doused our mood for a brief moment and then the ocean and all it’s glory filled our hearts with joy and Mr. Curmudgeon was forgotten.

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