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When we give presentations, we often include the below sheet with our handouts. We mention the five different categories that fall under D.I.D, but that we are only going to focus on #3.

Little did I know that my husband would fall under #5- Unspecified Dissociative Disorder. His ability to stay in reality is really coming to the surface during the intense counseling he is just beginning to do with Mariana. (Our therapist for over 25 years.) It’s a good reminder for me, to take the time to learn more about the other conditions related to D.I.D. We’ve brought a lot of awareness toward the multiple personality disorder version of D.I.D, but there are many others with D.I.D. that do not share their lives with Alters. Dissociation can take on many forms. It reminds me of a saying that Mariana has stated time and time again, through the years, “You and Christopher found each other for a reason.” For me, Christopher always saw the sunny side of the street and he never looked deeper. That’s exactly what Rim and I wanted and needed. Someone that could love us and was dissociated enough themselves that they overlooked all the quirks and nuances, that presented themselves by us having D.I.D. Life was always good with him and we never told him otherwise. Now we’re (The Gang and I) are out in the open and quite able to use our words to express when life is not good.  For Christopher, though, he’s having to find his own emotional awareness and no longer detach. It’s been challenging for him and for those of us that share our lives with our darling “whirling dervish” called Christopher.

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  1. Dana Wand says:

    I love your blogs!

  2. Christine Pattillo says:

    Thank you Dana!

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