Christine: NAMI-In Our Own Voice

NAMI, i am WE book, dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities

Today was another In Our Own Voice (IOOV) NAMI presentation. This one was at a local inpatient treatment facility. I spoke there last month for the first time and had felt insecure and intimidated. After talking in counseling about my fears and trepidation I was able to overcome my inhibitions. One thing I did was share in my opening statement that I had never been admitted for inpatient mental health care. I explained that I’d been in the hospital for medical reasons in the past. I added that I knew what it was like to be a prisoner in my mind. That for over 70 days I saw my therapist everyday, seven days a week, which included daily phone contact too. I knew what it felt like to not have control of my mind or my emotions; to feel like giving up and feeling completely hopeless. By including this in my opening, I felt more connected to the people who attended and I’d like to think they felt the same way.

I’m glad to have had a different perspective this time. I think it was my own reservations that held me back last time. Coming in with an open heart made a difference too.

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