Christine: NAMI IOOV State Trainer

NAMI, iamWEbook, dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities

Prior to Christmas we were notified that NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) were looking for state trainers in several programs, including IOOV (In Our Own Voice) which is the program I was trained in last spring. We’ve been doing one to two IOOV presentations a month ever since. I just turned in an application to become a trainer that would train the class that I took. If I’m accepted, they will send us to Virginia, in April,  for a three day training and then we are obligated to do at least one of these training a year which would be held in Washington state. We have not been involved in NAMI for that long, but I would so like to do this. We’ll see!

A side note to Vicky: did you see where the training will be held? Virginia…. Hmmmm we just might be able to hook-up…

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