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On the 25th I shared about ‘a question a day journal’ I was given. Here is the question asked on Jan 27th and some of our answers:

Which art movement best describes you today? (Surrealism, Modernism, Dada?)

Well to start, none of us knew what any of these styles looked like so Alter Q looked them up and Alter SHE got images to share..

1) Surrealism

This is the style Alter Tristan chose, because it is funky and cool like him.

2) Modernism

Q selected this type, because of all the wonderful colors. Unlike the last style called 3) Dada, below, which none of us selected.

I selected Chrissyism : )

Alter Rim didn’t select any of the art movements, but had this to say, “I hate playing the game Trivial Pursuit, because I never know the answers and I end up feeling stupid. This question left me feeling the same way.

SHE selected none of the offered movements, but instead  selected a particular artist named, Jill Haney-Neal. She did a series called Wild ,  but tasteful Women. SHE selected the piece called, Chasing the Blues

If you want to see more of Jill’s work, her website is:


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