Christine: Road Trip

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It appears that we are heading to lovely California once again. This time it will be a road trip and we are not going alone. Our dear friend Shirley, and our neighbor/roommate Vincent will be along to add to the fun times!

Our trip will be in October and we’ll have just shy of two weeks!

As the adults discussed where we might go; Disneyland, Universal, Redwoods, San Francisco, San Diego Zoo, Sea World…. we weren’t consistent in blocking Alters Chrissy and Cyndi. This has caused much excitement in regards to Disney. As the conversations continued there was some discussion of bypassing Disney, since we have been there with the Gang, twice. The other night Chrissy started crying as she talked to Christopher and I.

“I know you don’t want to do Disneyland again and I know that Universal will have lots of cool things there and I don’t want to be ungrateful, but I really would like to see Disneyland again even if it’s just one day…”

Needless to say she tugs at our heart and without hesitation we agreed that we would make sure we went to Disney for a full day. As we have all continued to chat about our trip this is what we’ve come up with so far:

Disneyland one full day- more specifically the newer part, California Adventure. Chrissy is excited with this compromise.

Universal, including the new Harry Potter section, two full days.

San Francisco – Two days

Road trip up the coast for as long as we have left and then back over to I-5 to zip on home.

Grant it, there is over 90 days until this adventure begins and it may change a bazillion times more, but this is the direction we’re pondering.

Fun times to look forward too.


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