Christine: Santa Coma

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Christmas morning, Alter Cyndi woke to find a Disney Choo Choo train! Christopher said she was so enamored with the train and was out watching it for over 15 minutes straight. He worked with her on how to run the hand held controller, but mostly she just pushed the train sound buttons and let the choo choo run in circles. Alter Chrissy had an extra special morning too and was thrilled with her “Lilo and Stitch” Disney hoody.

Our cough and chest crud was still hanging on, but we made it to mom’s and had a lovely day filled with treasures, food, family and friends. And as Chrissy added to her Christmas toast, “Friends that are like family…”

I was in bed before 11:00 and did not wake up the next day, until 3:30pm. Then was back in bed by 10pm, not waking until noon today. I would say that was a definite Santa coma! It’s 6:20 pm Tues 12/27 and I’m just starting to feel back among the living.

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