Christine: TLC

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First off, some of these pictures have blue scribble marks on them. This is because we used photo shop to mark over the faces of people we didn’t have permission from, to post their pictures.

It was our birthdays on 4/24. Ours being SHE, Tristan, Chrissy, Rim and myself. We were utterly spoiled, including a birthday pedicure from our friend Emma (in the above pic). The pedicure was specifically for me. It had been quite some time since I’d had a pedicure. We went to a local shop and sat on these gi-normous massaging chairs. It was pure bliss. Truly.

I almost started crying, which was silly. I’m not hard-done-by, but just the action of someone treating my feet and the chair massaging our neck and lower back, I was filled with a sense of joy at the TLC bestowed to me. Since it was my gift, I got to pick out the toe color, versus Alter Chrissy. Chrissy was great about it, however, she was tickled to see some pink on the free flower they added to the big toe!

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