Christine: What I’m Thankful For

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Today was filled with so many reasons to be thankful. I’m thankful for our friend Lexie and her crew. They recently had an Alter of theirs try to commit suicide and fortunately it was not successful! Our heart goes out to them. I’m thankful for Christopher’s brother John and that his bladder cancer surgery, yesterday, was successful. I’m thankful for the friendship I have in Karen, John’s wife and the wonderful day we spent at their home today. I’m thankful for the amazing family and friends and sometimes family that seem like friends and friends that seem like family and for Mariana, our therapist, who I want to be friends with, but because of all that therapeutic boundary crap, we keep it strictly professional. I’m thankful that my little Dixie Boo (15 1/2 year old black lab) is still so full of fun and humor, even though she’s a skinny, fragile thing. I’m thankful for Max (15 month old German Shepard). Hmmmm give me a moment I’m sure I’ll come up with a reason to be thankful for him. Just kidding, he’s a handful, but he is such a love. I’m thankful for my Gang and for my hubby Christopher. And, I’m thankful for our house and the warm bed that’s waiting for me right now. Sigh…

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  1. Lex and Co says:

    Thank you for being thankful for us still being alive
    We are very thankful that we have got the privilege to know you and we got to read your book and share it with others
    Being thankful for so much right now including our carer Dave and our social inclusion worker Karen who coped so well with us when the alter slit our wrist in a local store
    We are also thankful for family and friends
    Thank you for letting me share our thankfulness of others
    Love Lex and Co

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