Little Eagle Whistle – Alter Chrissy

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┬áHi this is Chrissy and I wanted to share a Christmas gift I made for our friend Tim Bird Rattler. He was in a video we shared before playing his guitar and singing with Alter Cyndi. Tim is Native American from the Blackfeet tribe. His Indian name is Little Eagle Whistle. I colored in the eagle above, but it out and glued it to wood looking paper. Then his girl friend Emma got a frame. Alter Q ordered the whistle that is hanging from the upper right side. Q glued the feather on the left bottom and she painted to wood letters and glued them to the bottom. In Blackfeet they only have 13 letters in their alphabet. That’s how his Indian name is spelled in Blackfeet.

ii nuksiipiitaakkutsiimaan The correct spelling is how Q put it on the frame but I don’t know how to type it that way. It’s pronounced “innikai-pitakai-somon” I think it turned out beautiful! Thank you for letting me share.

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