My Diary – Alter Chrissy

Hi it’s Chrissy. When my Mimi was here a few times ago [weeks] she gave me my very own diary with a lock and two cool pens one pink my favorite and one purple! I just love love love love love it!!!! Not only do I get to write my thoughts and special memories but the diary asks questions and gives me ideas of what to do or write. I work on it a little bit everyday. It even included stickers. Plus a few Christmases ago my grandma Sharon gave me a sprocket which is this tiny camera that you can print pictures from your phone on and the paper she got me makes the pictures stickers!!!!  My diary ROCKS

[Hi this is Christine, I made one correction above where Chrissy says “a few times ago”. She meant weeks. Also Mimi is the name Alters Cyndi and Chrissy call my step-mom Pattee. And Grandma Sharon, who Alter Cyndi calls Grandma Smiley is my mother.]

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