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Hi everyone it is Q. I have a new office!!!! But have not uploaded the pictures so I will share that with you another time. What wanted to share today is about a local company called Salmon Bay Community Lending. This is an organization that is smaller and local. Christine and Christopher have used it several times through the years to refinance their mortgages.  They have been wonderful to us. Their customer service is beyond exception and I know we will use them again when necessary. So that is my Salmon Bay plug 😊

To thank them I beaded a salmon and made them a sign.

The significance of the chalk board is that each Friday, Ruby, the owner, sends us a Friday update video. There is a huge chalk board, filled with color and dates of importance of the progress of our refinance.

I am very tickled with myself and with how well it turned out. (The chalk board came with the white boarder but all else I did!)

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