“She’s only 8 years old” – Alter SHE

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As many of you know, Alter Chrissy is our little fashionista. She is quick to tell Cita (Christine) when what she’s wearing doesn’t match or if it  isn’t acceptable to be worn in public. Most times Cita let’s Chrissy “decorate us”, but there have been times when Cita puts her foot down and wears her tacky attire regardless of what Chrissy says.

This leads me to tonight’s blog:

A few days ago our friend, Emma, was sorting out her makeup. She had a towel laid out and her makeup tote dumped over. Some items she tossed, others she kept and then some she offered to Chrissy who was thrilled. Now keep in mind that Cita rarely ever wears make-up. She could have a tube of mascara and it would last her 10 years or more. Cita will let Chrissy fuss a bit from time to time, but that’s it.

Emma was just getting to the last few items when she asked, “Chrissy would you wear bright red lipstick?” Chrissy replied, “Yes, but Cita would kill me.” Emma responded, “Why? You’d look super cute.” and Chrissy answered, “Yes I know.” This is when Cita chimed in, “HELLLLO! She’s only 8 years old!” With Emma stating, “Yes, but when she’s shifted out she’s in an adult body.” With Cita’s final answer being, “8 years old!” and that was the end of the red lipstick debate….

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