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In our last post, Alter Chrissy shared pictures of her family and included in those pics is one of her on her Princess Pony. So as not to duplicate pictures, I opted to remind you of this pony with a shot of Christopher on the cherished floaty. Since the Princess Pony (Yes I know it’s a unicorn, but Alter Cyndi age 2-3 calls in Princess Pony and therefor it is Princess Pony) I digressed, my apologies…. Upon arrival of this beloved fantasy float, we had noticed that the colors of it’s mane attracts bumbles. We shoo them off, but went about the exhausting business of playing on it. Well, yesterday, a bumble tried to pollinate the pony…

Needless to say that went over like a lead balloon for Alter Cyndi. Christopher tried to fill the head up several times, but not long after it would deflate. Alter Chrissy tried to keep her chin up by saying, “It still floats and we’ll just pretend the Princess Pony is resting.” (She’s so very sweet) When Chrissy got it back in the pool and then climbed aboard it, the air in the bottom of theĀ  floaty shifted and pushed air up into its head. Thus the crisis was over and they were able to ride their pony into Never Never Land. Now when Cyndi sees the pony as it is in the above picture, she just says, “Princess pony is in nigh nigh time!” Then she makes us be extra quiet so as not to wake it from it’s nap.

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