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We are in a minority having D.I.D. But I’m pretty certain that we are in the minority when it comes to people who have watched or read Game of Thrones (GOT) It was just a few months ago that we stumbled upon the GOT books and began reading. There shortly after we started watching the HBO series. Yes, the story-line is graphic and yes it could even be considered soft porn, however, it was the development of the characters that got Christine, Alters Rim, Tristan, Q and I hooked. (By the way, I’d follow Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of dragons to the end of the world!) That aside, after reading a section where Wargs are introduced, I was reminded of a chapter in our original draft of I am WE and wanted to share that with you.

First let me define what Wargs mean via GOT:

Wargs are people with the ability to enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions. The act of doing this is called “warging”.  gameofthrones.fandom.com › wiki › Warg

Throughout our blogging there have been posts where I have mentioned having an affinity with wolves. In fact, there were years, living internal where I could shape shift into a wolf and take off into an internal world in that form. The reason why this section was nixed in the final draft of our book had a lot to do with credibility. Having D.I.D we often fight criticism and skepticism on the legitimacy of  this condition. Our response to the neigh sayers  has always been, “You are entitled to your own opinions, but we live it seven days a week and 24 hours a day.” Knowing that D.I.D alone is difficult for people to grasp, having a chapter on a lesbian shapeshifter might have been more than the average person could absorb.

I was able to locate the original draft and found a picture that Christopher had drawn. It is just an artists rendering, but it is his vision of me shapeshifting into a wolf.

I could only find a copy of a copy, so the image is poor, but Christopher drew this in 2008.

I found some other notes relating to me and wolf form and I will share more of that in the next blog.

Oh hey, I think Alter Tristan is a Warg too. Check out a piece of his artwork he drew in June of 2008:

“Hey it’s Tristan. I’m not a Warg, but that would be totally cool!”




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