Washington State Fair- Alter Chrissy

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Hi it is Chrissy and we had so much fun at the fair over the weekend. It was storming and raining the days and nights before and after, but no yucky weather the whole time we were there. Alter Cyndi and I loved all the animals. A nice lady let me come in and pet her mini horse. It wasnt a shetlon pony, but the sweetest tiny pony. I put the picture down below because it was blurry but you will get a pretty good idea. Christopher won Cyndi a turquoise “Papappi” which means Alpaca by hitting two balloons with darts and the lady at the emoji poo hat display let us try on a princess pony poo to take a picture. The wheel chair is just so that Cyndi can come out at the fair. She doesn’t walk so well in Christine’s body.

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