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Many of us have heard the term “inner child,” but what if your inner child was a real little boy or girl? Someone you could see and talk with? And that inner child lived in your mind along with its older brother, younger sister, and aunts? What if these six very different people inside you could all see, hear, fight, laugh, cry, play, and confide in you and one another? And you kept these six people completely hidden from everyone closest to you, even your parents, husband, and dearest friends, for nearly 40 years?

This is what Christine Pattillo lived with. Her fascinating memoir, I Am WE: My Life with Multiple Personalities, chronicles her life with multiple personality disorder (MPD). She, her six alternate personalities, her husband of 25 years, therapist, family, and friends share their stories in this amazing journey. Both heartbreaking and funny, it is a rare portrait of a family so different and yet so similar to families across the world, one bound by profound courage, irrepressible resilience, and unimaginable love.

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